The most compatible, silly and in love couple of beans there ever has been. No arguing, please – we are! Now we have a baby, a squishy little girl. This blog is to document our new lives together, the three of us. <3

Brief timeline of major events
2001: Met in Las Cruces, NM
2003: First band together
May 21, 2005: First roadtrip. Las Cruces to Portland and back.
May 25, 2005: First kiss
August 5, 2006: Moved to Phoenix
May 24, 2007: Proposal by song in our sunroom
May 24, 2008: Wedding
June, 2010: Bought a house
October 7, 2010: Pregnancy test = positive
June 21, 2011: Pepper Elaine Greene – 20 inches long, 7 lbs, 8.6 oz

We’re also online other places –
littlebirdllc.com, our web design company
birdthemes.com, wordpress themes by Amanda
ahhh-design.com, Amanda’s crafty blog
samgreene.com, Sam’s music blog
audiopropellor.com, music tutorials by Sam

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