If you haven’t heard – Sam & Amanda’s wedding cake is cupcakes! Amanda and Joan have been exploring the different options for displaying the cupcakes. There is a treat in store! Mini cupcakes, regular cupcakes, and even green cupcakes!

Carrie has volunteered her newly discovered love of baking toward the project. She has been working hard at perfecting numerous cupcake flavors. So far she’s made delicious chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing (pictured above), cookies and cream cupcakes with vanilla icing (pictured below), and pistachio almond cupcakes with vanilla icing (not pictured). And this is just the start! She looks forward to May when she gets to share her hard work, and hopes you will find a flavor you like!

The life of a Taste-Tester

Every week Carrie experiments with a new recipe, knowing that in May she’ll have to narrow down to the favorites. She is lucky enough to have Roger as a taste tester for most batches. Tasting and testing all those cupcakes is a tough job, but someone has to do it. (Roger is more than willing).

Don’t worry! When Roger isn’t available, Carrie has Zach and coworkers available for opinions and feedback. However, Roger thinks he’s the only person truly cut out for the job. He says, “so far the cookies and cream are my favorite, but, one of Carrie’s coworkers disagreed. I am convinced that is because she is not a professional taster and does not have the years of experience that I do. I wish I could be in Vegas every weekend so that Carrie could take advantage of my tasting expertise.”

We’re still in the planning and discovery stage. Only the best for Sam and Amanda’s wedding and guests! ;)

Carrie & Roger

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  1. Roger

    Oh Yes! Joan’s German chocolate minis were GREAT! Coconut Pecan Icing MMMmmm… So many choices… So little time… By the time the Wedding gets here I am sure there will be plenty of tasty treats to choose from.

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