We love Gramsy.

Gramsy is still coming over during the week while Sam is gone so I can get some work done. I mostly edit photos, and I fit in some freelance, homework, cleaning and laundry. I think she’d come over even if I just sat on the couch watching my soaps the whole time. Haha. She brings me soda and sometimes lunch. She plays with Peps. She holds her hands so she can walk around. She reads to her. She sings, tickle me tickle me tickle me too. She cuddles with her, kisses her and hugs her. She stands behind me during photo shoots and acts very silly to get the best smiles. She sways and hums until Peps falls asleep and then she holds her in her arms ’till she wakes up. Us spoiled? Yeah. And loved like you wouldn’t believe.

One thought on “We love Gramsy.

  1. Gramsy

    Haha…You’re so right I would come over even if you wanted to watch soaps or take a nice long nap or shower! Thanks for being so good about sharing all the joys of Pepper with your dad and me. Seems she fills a special void in my heart that I never knew existed before! We have waited for Pepper a long time and she was worth waiting for, just like you and Carrie. It’s true, the best are worth the wait! It would be worth hanging around you both even if I had to do the cleaning, laundry or the relentless task of cleaning the kitchen! Thanks for all the Gramsy Love and for being such an awesome mom and daughter! I love you both to the moon and back!

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